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Combining commodity market knowledge with big data analytics

Tivlon Technologies combines commodity market knowledge with big data analytics expertise. We continually assess the market price drivers for each major commodity. We gather data on and related to those drivers. Because many enterprises have unique requirements, we build individual analytics solutions, each one adapted to a specific customer. uses advanced technology to provide superior results, including artificial intelligence platforms with expert systems and machine learningLet us handles the data analytics process for you, end-to-end, including the overall methodology, big data capture, analytics, and reporting with relevant insights and forecasts.

Accurate Predictions

Timely, accurate predictions using trend-driven data analytics of commodity prices.

What-If Capability

Try out different scenarios to further refine your commodity buy and sell decisions.

Effective Visualizations

Intuitive displays of data and output that you can understand and manipulate easily.

Customized commodity price analytics for individual customers

Drill down to commodity market specifics and timelines with dashboards for easy access and intuitive trend and information display. We’ll help you understand which variables or factors are most relevant in affecting commodity prices for your unique portfolio, and offer you the recommended strategies and solutions to making your investments more accurate.

Price Analytics

Trade signals for commodity market entry and exit

Blink and you might never see the right times to get in or out. But with automated entry and exit points using big data analytics, you can optimize commodity contract trading without missing a beat. We keep our eyes close to the latest news and market trends, so you can have a peace of mind.

Services for both commodity buyers and commodity sellers

Data analytics lets buyers and sellers benchmark prices and track trading performance, with better negotiation of short to mid-term contracts based on more accurate forecasts. With data-driven insights, you are one step closer to making more accurate decisions to make your investments worth the buck.

Buyers and Sellers

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